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SharePoint 2010 File Recovery

A client had a corrupt Excel workbook in their live SharePoint site but didn’t have versioning enabled on the document library.  They didn’t want to do a restore into their live SharePoint environment just to get back the one file so wanted a quick way of getting the file out of a backup of the relevant content DB.

Obviously you wouldn't want to start talking directly to your live SharePoint DB’s as that would be frowned upon, but with a backup copy it’s fine & hence this little utility program was born which allows you to easily recover files from your SharePoint 2010 content database backups.

User interface

It’s a really simple interface.

Just set your connection string to your content database – Data Source is the name of your SQL server, Initial Catalog is the name of the content database.

Once set hit the connect button to load the dropdown with all the directories.

When you select a directory it will display all the files it finds within including multiple versions hence I’m showing the date last modified against the files so you can choose the appropriate version you require.

Set an output path for where you want the recovered files to be saved then put a check against each file you want & click the extract files button.

If a file of the same name already exists within the output directory then we ignore it and don’t try to extract it again, so if you want to extract different versions of a document you’ll have to do them individually and either rename them or move them out before trying to get the next version.  However the source code is available if you want to code for this.

Hope others find it useful.

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